The Tack Endovascular System® (6F) is an FDA approved implant for precision dissection repair following balloon angioplasty with a first-of-its-kind solution that is designed to maintain vessel integrity and enhance blood flow to promote healing, improve outcomes and preserve limbs.

There has been no purpose-built solution to address the dissections caused by POBA and DCB procedures in above-the-knee (ATK) and below-the-knee (BTK) therapeutic interventions. The Tack® implant is designed to fulfill this unmet need.

  1. INTENDED USE: The Tack Endovascular System (6F) is intended for use in the superficial femoral and proximal popliteal arteries ranging in diameter from 3.5mm to 6.0mm for the repair of post percutaneous transluminal balloon angioplasty (PTA) dissection(s).
  2. CONTRAINDICATIONS FOR USE: The Tack Endovascular System is contraindicated for the following:
    1. Patients with residual stenosis in the treated segment equal to or greater than 30% after PTA.
    2. Tortuous vascular anatomy significant enough to prevent safe introduction and passage of the device.
    3. Patients with a known hypersensitivity to nickel titanium alloy (Nitinol).
    4. Patients unable to receive standard medication used for interventional procedures such as anticoagulants, contrast agents and antiplatelet therapy.
    Prior to using the Tack Endovascular System, please review the Instructions for Use for a complete listing of indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, potential adverse events and directions for use.


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